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    Designer's Tips for success...                                                 

We've made the process of setting the perfect table a simple task. Here are some tips to make the process go smooth when your BestSetTable arrives.

Please take care when unpacking your table settngs (Tablescape). Most items are individually wrapped in packing paper (no messy peanuts) and its easy for some of the odd shaped items to slip out when unwrapping. Unpacking your table setting on a soft surface like a carpeted floor is a good idea.
Flatware, Dinnerware, Glassware...
We recommend that all dinnerware, flatware and glassware, etc. be washed or run through a dishwasher prior to use.
Tablecloths, napkins, cloth placements...
Tablecloths should be pressed with a home iron prior to use. Napkins that come prefolded may need to be "fluffed" but will not require ironing.
Silk flowers, garlands, wreaths...
To protect many items during shipping we need to "compress" them. You will only need to adjust the leaves or branches, etc. by bending into place.

Taper Candles
We use only the highest quality candles in all of our designs, but it seems
 that no two taper candles have the same diameter base and that no two styles of taper candle holders have the same size mounting holes, so we supply "taper fitters" (super sticky wax strips, ingenious!) with all taper style candles. Making any taper fit any holder with ease. No candle trimming or lose fitting taper candles ever again.  (more)
For storage purposes we recommend repackaging all items as they were shipped. It's the best way to insure your setting will be ready for the next use.
You be the designer...
In the end all we want is for you to be pleased with your table setting. Set it up exactly as instructed and you will get the exact setting as pictured, or adjust elements as you
 see fit to make it your own... there are no rules!

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