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With today's fast paced lifestyle, having the time to create elegant table settings is often impossible. So our designers have created a unique approach to table settings, complete prepackaged table settings. We're your one stop shop for all your table settings needs. A few clicks of your mouse and the table is set!

Table settings in a kit or "decor package." Each decor package is supplied with everything you need for perfect table settings. And setup takes only minutes to complete.

Purchase just what you need:

We're all about table decor, and having the best set table. If you desire a table setting exactly like the one pictured you can purchase the dinnerware, flatware, glassware and tablecloth used in the display images and get the identical table settings. Or purchase just the Decor and use your own dinnerware and flatware.

A Decor package is sold as a set to seat four. You can optionally purchase additional place settings specific to each Decor package.

Most glassware, flatware and dinnerware are sold in packages of four.  The exception is, "Tables for Two" where all items are sold only as a setting for two.

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Additional Place Settings
If you have room at your table, you can add place settings without having to purchase an additional Decor package.

Additional place settings come packaged as two, four or six. They include all items needed to add the extra place settings for the particular design. Example: napkins will always be included, and if applicable, the corresponding napkin rings or ties. If the setting uses charger plates or placemats then two or four or six additional charger plates or placemats would be included.

Many of our table settings use a tablecloth. A tablecloth is sold as an optional item as different sizes are priced accordingly. See "sizing a tablecloth" for the correct size.

Color Accuracy:
Because of lighting and camera positioning the most accurate color reproduction of the tablecloth and napkins, placemats are in the close up of the place setting. The place setting picture is normally the third picture in both the products, and products details pages.  Your video monitor can also effect color accuracy.

We use only the highest quality products in each Decor package.

Our tablecloths and napkins are 100% spun polyester, and custom made for Out linens have the softness of cotton with the durability of poly. Both have elegantly merrowed edges and are created with the highest quality materials.

All flower and plant arrangements that appear to use water, are actually using a crystal clear acrylic. Giving the look of water and the convenience of clear acrylic. Always completely assembled.

Flowers and plants are often referred to as "Silk Flowers", however, the materials used to make the artificial arrangements cover a wide range of synthetic materials and fabrics. All used in an effort to provide very high quality table setting.

Taper Candle "fitters"
If you have any experience with tapered candles and taper holders, then you know that no two are the same size. Solution: "taper fitters" super sticky wax strips, come with all taper style candles. Making using taper candles as easy as a votive. No candle trimming or lose fitting taper candles ever again! (more)

When purchasing dinnerware, coffee cups are always included.

Each decor package comes with a box of candle-length matches and a lint roller. Just to be sure everything is perfect!

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